I really don’t wanna look stupid when I’m sleeping
I never really liked sunny days.........


Inspired By Dark, Existentialism, Music, Dark Childhood,

The Renascence, Surrealism, and Love


Born in Monterrey N.L. Mexico March 20th 1983

32 years old currently working on my new series of paintings


I explore the process of death in both the human body and spirit. My  work approaches the concept of human existence; the idea that our human forms come from the earth and return at death. Life and death exist simultaneously, and neither is to be more feared or celebrated that the other.  


Human identity found solely in the physical bodies humans posses and material items used as social markers, run the risk of being rubbed out and dusted away. Human identity is found in the spirit and memories of the being, that they persist after death and decay.  


I’ve always been afraid to die, but I think I’m more afraid to live.....